What's in a Name? (or slogan in this case)

My Approach to Real Estate is Plane Fun!!

I began my love affair with airplanes at a young age...maybe 4 or 5.  I'm one of five children--the middle child of four brothers.  My dad was a fireman, my mom a homemaker.  Back in the 60s, without a lot of financial resources, my parents were great at finding fun (free) things to do with their gaggle of kids.  We would camp, play baseball or football in our backyard and go on picnics (after chores, of course).  Some of those picnics were at the local small airport where little planes took to the sky with parachuters in tow.  Watching those guys (and maybe gals), jump (from a perfectly good airplane), and float to earth was mesmerizing.

small airplane

But, for me, what was even more mesmerizing were the machines that had 3 wheels, 2 wings, 1 propeller and an engine.  I fell in love with the metal that streamed down that tiny runway and took-off and became sky-bound.  That love has continued for over 50 years.  I'm the kind of person that hears the roar of a big jet, or the hum of the small engine above, and has to look toward the sky to see what it is, no matter what is going on at that moment. I've been known to hear an F-16 coming and I have to run from the backyard to the front yard to see it streak on by.  I just can't help myself.  :-)

I spent many a lunch hour parked on the road that paralleled runway 30L at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP), with my Northwest Airlines timetable in hand, that gave the schedule of the 747s that landed and took-off.  To me, watching that bird land was poetry in motion...slow-motion, as it seemed to glide-in, in mid-sentence.  Completely still.

As technology went from a paper timetable to smartphone apps, like flightradar24, and listening to the air traffic controllers converse with pilots on liveatc.net, I spent many more hours watching planes land in Denver at DIA, parking just north of runways 16 and 17, with Pikes Peak mountain displaying a perfect backdrop for the more common A320s, B737s and the modern-day 747--The Dreamliner (787).

Plane Approach Note Card 7

One would think that someone that has this kind of love affair with airplanes would have their pilot's license, but alas, this girl has yet to begin that adventure.  Someday, soon.  In the meantime, I incorporate my love of airplanes into so much that I do, right down to my real estate slogan.  I really do love the work I do in real estate because I get to connect with so many interesting and wonderful people, so it is plane fun for me.  I hope my approach to my work and to my life never falls short of being just that.....fun! 

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