Jaye Achtenberg 

Jaye represents the Suncoast's finest properties with exceptional skills using the most innovative technologies currently available. She offers ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. Her years of full-time experience has given her a clear understanding of the mindset of home buyers and sellers and a thorough understanding of the Suncoast area marketplace.

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Great Agent!

Jaye was very patient and thorough in getting to understand what we were looking for.  The very first property she showed us was a “home run.”  It had everything we were looking for at an excellent price but we were not quite ready to buy.  It took another 18 months, but another similar property came along and this time we were ready.  The biggest challenge was doing most everything long distance.  We were seeking a vacation home in Florida, but we lived in Ohio.  With COVID on-going travel was difficult.  Jaye even went so far as conducting video tours of properties we were interested in.  After we settled on a property, Jaye recommended an excellent company to perform a home inspection and continued to work with the seller’s agent to resolve an issue that inspection identified.  She promptly responded to our requests for more information, and provided clarifications as needed.  We will definitely be recommending Jaye to family and friends that are looking to buy or sell a property in her area.

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Gary & Kathy
A Realtor You Can Count On!

Jaye has an excellent knowledge of the market and she did a great job helping us determine how to price and market our property. She is a consummate professional who knows her business and even more importantly, she is someone you can trust to follow though on every action item in a timely and responsible way.  At every step of along the way she was one top of everything that needed to be done. The process of selling a house is very stressful and it made all the difference in the world to work with Jaye who was incredibly patient, reassuring, informed and confident. When my nerves started to get edgy I talked to Jaye and I always came away feeling better and to her credit, things worked out just as she predicted they would, confirming that she is an agent who knows her business.

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Tracey L.